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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Episode Four - Tribbles and Trilobites Interview - FRAY with Mikko Löppönen and Jessica Wolff - March 26 2016

It ain't easy being a mercenary on a dead world: a ruined world where the sun blocks everything with its heat. Sarcastic risk-taker Fray finds herself chased by everyone from underworld thugs to Federal Agents as she leads an expedition out into the sunburned areas of the north where they will learn, that some things are better left unlearned.

Welcome to Tribbles and Trilobites Episode Four!! We will have Director/Editor/Producer Mr. Mikko Löppönen from HMCIndie, Finland.  Also joining us is Jessica Wolff, Lead actor and Stunt Women from the film Fray.  They will be discussing the Production among many other exciting topics.

Listen to the show here

The Short Film Fray

Henri Kiviniemi

Sami Huhtala

Mikko Lopponen and Jessica Wolff

The latest production - ELIZA - Short Film - 100% Revenge - Super Action Scenes - WATCH!!

More from Mikko Löppönen

More from Jessica Wolff

Amazing Music Video, well shot!

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