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Monday, May 30, 2016

Tribbles and Trilobites - Episode 010 - The Case of Evil with Neal and Jana Hallford

The Case of Evil

Welcome to Tribbles and Trilobites Episode 010. When a down-on-his-luck blues musician travels to the country to buy a guitar he suspects was stolen from him many years earlier; he finds that its hoodoo-practicing owner is reluctant to hand over this instrument, and she's got something more on her agenda than a simple sale.

The Case of Evil spins a gothic Southern Tale of tormented blues musicians, hoodoo hexes, and a blood-drenched guitar of legend named "Stagolee". . . .

This Episode we invite Neal and Jana Hallford from Swords and Circuitry Studios for an in-depth discussion on their production "The Case of Evil". With several wins and over 39 festival screenings, this is an excellent achievement!

Here we go! - Click below to listen

A Fistful of links from the show: (Official website for film) (Film on Amazon) (Production Company website) (TCOE's Facebook page) (S&C's Facebook page)

@SwordsCircuitry (Twitter Account) (Neil's FB account) (Jana FB account) (Their Patreon account) (Personal blog)

Neal and Jimmy Diggs on the NX-01 Enterprise Bridge

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