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Monday, June 27, 2016

Tribbles and Trilobites - Episode 013 - An Important Announcement - Star Trek Beyond

Tribbles and Trilobites will be Thursday nights LIVE over the next several episodes on the topics of Star Trek.  In the light of a considerable amount of news, topics will range from Rihanna, the Fifty-Year Mission, another enterprise is in a museum, fan films, the message behind star trek, cultural and economic changes in star trek yesterday to today, plus several more.

Notable guests will include, Kyle Sullivan, Leslie Owen, George Gonzalez, Plus More!
Pre-recorded will still be Saturday mornings, EST.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tribbles and Trilobites - Episode 012 The Fantastic Multiverse of Helena Derett

The Fantastic Multiverse of Helena Derett

Helena Derett an award-winning screenwriter who is a graduate of the University of Miami.  She specialized in Communication Motion Pictures and English Creative Writing. Always with a passion for storytelling, Helena's screenplays have placed in several screenwriting competitions, including winning best screenplay at the Miami Int'l Science Fiction Film Festival.  She placed in the Acclaim Scripts Screenplay Contest, and the StoryPros Int'l contest.  She is also in the top 50 of the International Screenwriters Association's Fast Track screenwriting fellowship. Her writing has been praised by professional readers from The Black List, ScritpXpert, WishAScript, plus more. Helena has worked on several film productions this includes producing, writing, and as a story analyst. Ok, let us listen in...

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tribbles and Trilobites - Episode 011 - Dissecting the Mind of a Hip Hop Sci-Fi Monster

Dissecting the Mind of a Hip Hop Sci-Fi Monster

Jeff Carroll is pioneering what he calls Hip Hop Horror, Sci-fi, and fantasy. His stories always have lots of action and a social edge.  He has written and produced two films and has published three books, Thug Angel - Rebirth of a Gargoyle; It Happened on Negro Mountain and a collection of his shorts stories Sci-fi Streetz.  His work is referenced in The Black Science Fiction Society and The State of Black Science Fiction. Jeff also produces The Monster Panel, a traveling sci-fi group which features writers of color who engage their audience in a lively discussion of comic books, movies, and Black people.
He joins us from South Florida; let's listen in.

Mentioned Links:    <---- A link to his books

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