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Friday, August 12, 2016

Tribbles and Trilobites: Episode 0018 - Run Away With Me, with Eren Ozkural

Episode 0018, Tribbles and Trilobites visits with Mr. Eren Ozkural who speaks to us from his London studio.  Mr. Ozkural wrote and directed the award-winning film, Run Away With Me.  A Science Fiction Thriller, where a former soldier is released from prison on the eve of the world's destruction. Tasked with a mission that would seemingly save mankind, his traumatic past comes back to haunt him as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

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Title Card

Adrian Annis as Adamian in The Pit

Kye Loren as Abraham (L) and Meshach Harris as Ibrahim ®

Rosie MacPherson as Marja in The Alley

Kye Loren as Abraham in The Lower Levels

Matthew Schmolle as Director Adali (L) and Dominic O'Flynn 
as Dr. Zavala ® in The Ingram Aerospace Warehouse

Rosie MacPherson as Marja in The Bar

Rosie MacPherson as Marja (L) and Kye Loren as Abraham (R) in The Lower Levels

Director Eren Ă–zkural on set

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